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The cycle of life, the sphere concentrating the whole of the universe, as well as art itself using those “primary substances” to retell its own comforting or visual story.


The Sianti Gallery, continuing its original thematic exhibitions, which were received in the most positive way by both the public and the critics, is now proposing a painting, sculpture and installations exhibition revolving around the idea of the cycle and the sphere.
The “Cycle-pursued” thematic, continuing and completing the previous “Tondo” exhibition, is a discussion on archetypical matters concerning life and the arts. It is a discussion on the cycle and the sphere, the perfect shape and the perfect body, both symbolizing the causality and completeness of things such as the absoluteness of life and death, as hinted in the abovementioned famous verses of Kalvos.

Participating in this spectacular presentation are well known artists, older and younger, regular or occasional collaborators of the Sianti Gallery:

The painters: 
Christos AntonaropoulosAntonis ApergisGiannis Valirakis, Nektarios Kontovrakis, Dimitris KoukosThanassis LalasDimitris MitarasMina PapatheodorouChristina PapaioanouPanagiotis SiagrisKostas SpiriounisGiorgos StathopoulosKonstantinos TolisAlekos FasianosGianis FokasDimitra ChaniotiApostolos XatzarasManolis Charos.


The sculpturers: Armakolas DimitrisKostas Varotsos, Giorgos Zogopoulos, Kiriakos RokosChristina Sarantopoulou

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107cm Ø      Acrylics on canvas      2020

"Before Yesterday, After Tomorrow"

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40cm Ø
Acrylics, ink and acrylic spray on canvas


"[De]Composition I & II"

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