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That's how matter alone must sound copy.


At Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti after the challenging period of the compulsory self-restriction, presenting the summer exhibition under the symbolic title «Blue after dark» feels like a soft breeze is blowing within.

On Saturday 27 June, between 10:00 and 16:00, the artistic creations will remind us that right after the solid black, emerge the explosions of the blue, through the hints of the palette. Guided by the paintings and the sculptures of modern Greek artists, the audience travels from the soft mysterious azure of the sky to the deep enigmatic blue of the sea. The tints and the illuminations in the creations acquire an oneiric and drifting essence, sometimes buoyant, full of energy, other times sensitively melancholic. Unlike the cityscape that surrounds us, this exhibition serves as an oasis in the differentiated current reality.

During the exhibition there will be presented paintings and sculptures of 20  significant artists: 
Cacao RocksValirakis JohnVarotsos KostasGavalas Stelios, Kana Irini, Kokkinidis DimosthenisKoukos Dimitris, Michalos Kostas, Bathas Thanassis, Belivanaki LilaPapaioanou ChristinaSamios PavlosSiagris PanayiotisSorogas Sotiris, Spathoulas Alexandros, Spiriounis KostasTolis KonstantinosTsoklis Kostas, Chanioti Dimitra, Charos Manolis.

That's how matter alone must sound.JPG


92 x 92cm
Acrylics, oil pastels, colored pencils and pencil on canvas

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