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Ergon_W-70 copy.jpg

 Live painting performance in collaboration with ERGON Mykonos 
at Navarino Agora  organized by W Costa Navarino.

I had the chance to paint on a very special piece of textile, kindly trusted to me by @ergon.mykonos, an extraordinary Greek fashion brand. Ergon Mykonos is renowned for pioneering the combination of different features and techniques in looming, resulting in a unique, 100% Greek cotton fabric with a refined texture - an art piece in itself.

Ergon_W-129 copy.jpg

"The Loom"
150 x 125cm
Acrylics on 100% Greek cotton fabric.

For the creation of this piece, I drew inspiration from the loom, an ancient and remarkable tool. The central figure of the work is based on an illustration from an ancient vase, depicting a tailor holding the thread intended for use in the loom.

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